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tastyface organicsIn 2012, Kelly Ross founded TastyFace Organics (TFO) a “so clean you could eat it” skincare line. I began using Kelly’s products the moment she launched her new business in March of last year. I didn’t know how life changing it would be. After using TFO products for almost a year, I can truly say that I’m never turning back to commercial skincare—I will forever be a customer. Kelly founded TFO to fill a void that she saw in skincare for “truly clean, organic, awesome skincare.” Did you know your skin absorbs up to 64% of what you put on it? That is exactly why Kelly uses safe, organic and food grade ingredients to create the most amazing skincare currently available. Kelly is 100% transparent about the ingredients she uses. See them here. You can both recognize and pronounce all the ingredients she uses like coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, beeswax, etc. She uses only the most high-quality ingredients and leaves out additives and preservatives. Her products are also “Paleo Certified” meaning all her products are guaranteed to be gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Love.

Every single one of Kelly’s products is mind-blowingly amazing. Using Kelly’s products has been such an enlightening and empowering experience for me. After about 2 weeks of using TFO, my skin began to recover from years of using commercial products; I immediately ditched ALL of my “skin junk” and never looked back. Now, I no longer feel victim to all the marketing schemes of big skincare companies. I trust in the power of healing with real ingredients versus synthetic ones; similar to my feelings about food.In my daily routine I use the coconut vanilla cream cleanser, the rosemary aloe toner, the vanilla mint daily moisturizer, a combination of the healing serum and the nourishing serum and the lemon rosemary mint lip balm. TFO has taught me to care for and find beauty in my own skin (and imperfections.) Over the past year, the quality of my skin has improved dramatically. Now, my breakouts are fewer and far between, my skin is plump and glowing and I’m happy as ever because I know the products I’m using are safe for my skin and body.TFO also makes me FEEL great.The products are healing, therapeutic and made with love. It’s this wonderful feeling of knowing I am doing something fabulous for myself. Self love. It is totally a way of self loving, which I’m super into. Every time I do my skincare regime it feels like a mini spa session. It feels like I’m totally spoiling myself and my skin. All TFO products are free of artificial scents and instead Kelly uses calming and healing aromatic essential oils which totally contributes to that spa-esque feeling. Ahhh, TFO, I love you.


9 thoughts on “Nourish Your Skin

  1. Christine

    I’d love to try the lip balm or body butters (the midwest polar vortex is wreaking havoc on my skin not already protected by Tasty Face). I currently use the face products and have found similar joy in them. After suffering from acne in my teen/early adult years, and finding *some* comfort in conventional products, I also never thought I’d ‘love’ my skin or a skin care line with any real passion. I’ve been beyond pleased with the TFO line and am excited to try more products.

  2. Candace Bingham

    Thanks for sharing Charlotte! I have stopped using conventional skin care and body products as well about 5 years ago. I love to hear from others that they are doing the same. It would be wonderful to be able to win this giveaway to be able to try TASTYFACE ORGANICS products for the first time. They sound amazing. I would Love to be able to try their Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser. I have dry skin from the winter we are having and have rosacea. I am also in need of a product that will help take off the makeup that I love to wear ;) So winning this would be a major bonus. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to TASTYFACE ORGANICS for giving us the chance to win.

  3. Robert Fillinger

    I would like to try the Peppermint White Chocolate Shave Cream. I shave everyday and it would be nice to use a better organic alternative than what I use now.

  4. Emily

    I would LOVE to try the healing serum. My skin is just awful this winter – the cold MN weather is not doing it any good!! :) thanks!

  5. Keith Bingham

    The vanilla mint moisturizer seems like it would be a good product to use after shaving. I would like to try that. Thanks


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