San Francisco Trip

After Christmas, Kristian and I spent a week in San Francisco. It was great to spend some time at home.ย It was also 65 degrees and sunny One day I even got a little bit sunburned. Oh, California!

San Francisco

The first day we headed to Haight Street and met the cutest french bull dog with a massive underbite. We also made a little visit to Amoeba Music record store and Kristian bought his first recordย – a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album.


We ate at Pacific Catch, my favorite restaurant in the city. A trip to San Francisco is just not complete without eating there at least twice.

sweet potato fries

They have tons of great fresh seafood, awesome tacos, bowls and sweet potato fries.

We had fish tacos both nights, hard to resist, sweet potato fries, korean short ribs and some awesome lemonade and lemongrass ginger ice tea.

fish tacos

We strolled around different neighborhoods in the city, including one of our favorites – the Marina.

san fran

There were still pretty holiday lights everywhere. So pretty.

san fran

We spent Sunday hanging out on the Marina Green and walking on the beach.

Everyone was enjoying the weather. Who can resist the sun in December!?


Love this guy.


On New Year’s Day, we decided to take a walk by the Golden Gate Bridge. Perfect start to the year. Apparently, many other people thought so too. It was quite busy.


I brought my Tastyface along, as always! Love that stuff!


Lastly, one of the trip highlights was going to Alice Water’s Chez Panisse on New Year’s Day with my dad and his friend Kathy. We had been planning to go for months. The food was so amazing. No phones or cameras allowed so only one picture of Kristian and I before we left.

new years day

It was a great trip! Now we are in Eugene, missing the sunny California weather!

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3 Comments on “San Francisco Trip

  1. We enjoy all of your postings on Irs Me. Hope to you see your Dad this coming weekend. Love Mere Charlotte, I am so proud of you for being given the post on the University news paper!

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