Welcoming the New Year

This year, I am sending 2013 off with a bang and can’t wait to welcome 2014.


I have been reflecting on 2013 as a whole the past couple of days and I’ve come to realize that it has been kind of a whirlwind year that passed by in a blink of an eye for me. I’ve had so many ups and downs this year and have grown so much as a person. I discovered new passions, learned new skills and was inspired by the people in my life every single day.

 One of the toughest yet greatest decisions I made in 2013 was to give my body a rest. I have been a competitive athlete for almost my entire life and my body had literally worn itself out. I was dealing with a worsening chronic back injury and many acute injuries. I needed to chill out and let my body recover and so thats what this year was all about for me. Instead of spending my hours in the gym, I spent my energy becoming deeply engaged with my school work and creative pursuits.

One of the greatest things that happened this year, aside from turning 21, was starting this little blog. I am so humbled by all of you amazing people who have supported this blog, commented, engaged, tried my recipes and reached out to me. I love you all. I also love this blog so much. It truly is a reflection of myself, my life and my passions for health, wellness, design and photography…what I like to call, visual storytelling. I can’t thank you all enough for being here and I can’t wait to engage with you all more in 2014.

 2014 is bound to be a fantastic year in my life. I can just feel it. 

 For one, I graduate from college in December 2014. Craziness. It’s scary, exciting, makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Aside from graduating, I will be slowly starting to build up my physical fitness, continuing to improve as a visual storyteller and embracing every last second of my last year of college.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and glorious 2014!

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