Paleo 101: The Grocery List

Tuesday, Tuesday!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am. And I am super excited to be sharing this today.

Today, I am sharing a paleo style grocery list. Here is my attempt at making your lives a little bit easier and your transition into eating real, whole foods a little bit smoother. This grocery list provides the basics for grocery shopping with a primal mindset. And, I’m excited to share that this is only the beginning of a series of posts that I will be doing to provide all my readers with tips, tools and support to successfully transition into and maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable real foods diet.

Clean out your pantry and head to the grocery store because I’ve got you covered. The document below is a printable (!!) grocery list, so don’t forget it when you go to the grocery store. I decided to go color-less/super simple so that you all could print it without using all your printer ink ;)


{To print: drag document to desktop. Go to “file” and then “print.”}

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5 Comments on “Paleo 101: The Grocery List

  1. This is amazing!! It is exactly what I am looking for. Its very hard to start a clean eating regime without knowing what the basics are to buy. This has helped me so much! Thanks Char!

  2. Charlotte!

    This list and your blog are so impressive! What kind of nut milks do you recommend?

    Hope to see you soon!!

    • Hi Chloe!!

      I only recommend making your own nut milks. Sadly ALL boxes but milks I have come across so far are filled with additives and emulsifiers. Instead I suggest canned coconut milk or FULL fat high-quality dairy (goat is great!) if you must have milk and can’t make your own but milk!

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have more questions!!!


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